Undercover Video Footage: Biggest Dogfighting Bust in U.S. History

illustration by Brian Stauffer
​At 6 a.m. on July 9, 2009, agents from the FBI, the USDA, the Missouri State Highway Patrol, the U.S. Marshals Service and myriad local police departments raided 29 properties in 8 states, including Missouri, Illinois, Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska and Iowa. They seized more than 200 firearms, arrested 26 people -- and rescued more than 500 pit bulls.

It was, by far, the largest dogfighting bust in United States history.

Click this link to read "Dog Beat Dog," an in-depth chronicle of the investigation.

After the jump is a selection of the video footage entered into evidence during the dogfighting trials.

The raids capped an eighteen-month multiagency investigation spearheaded by two undercover detectives from the Missouri highway patrol who posed as dogfighters to infiltrate the brutal world of organized pit bull fighting and breeding.

In order to make their case, detectives Terry Mills and Jeff Heath had spent a year and a half assembling and training a stable of pit bulls and taking part in the same gruesome activities for which they would later make arrests.

Along the way, the detectives, aided by agents from the Humane Society of Missouri, documented their activities using hidden video cameras.

The images in this three-minute video are blurry, but the scene depicted, in which two young dogs are tested against one another in a confrontation known as a "roll," is violent and graphic.

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report abuse
report abuse

i had no idea that they electrocute the "losing" dog.. They get a few months..or 2 years?? I agree with "Mel" - they need to serve much more time. Maybe if they were put into a situation where someone beat them bloody they would have second thoughts. Its not ok, and if you know of anyone hurting an animal - report it.  That might be that animals one and only chance. 


i would like to know why these people that are getting arrested aren't being locked up for like 5-10 years. they just get out and start all over again, so give them a reason not to by keeping them in jail for a long time. this is not right that the animal suffers and the criminal gets off easy. the systems need to get more serouse about putting these assholes behind bars so they dont go out and do it again. this is really sad to have to know, hear and watch all just for a pitbull to suffer. i have a pitbull and she and other pitbulls are so loveing. why would people want to do this to this breed, why cant we stop them, why does the breed have to suffer the consiquences, why is so hard for people to save these dogs before its too late,why do the bad people get to walk away with a small amount of jail time, why does is take so long to bust these people if they got the set up and know alot bout it snatch them and put them away, why why why cant this be stopped????

Bill J.
Bill J.

Nah, Chad most of them are brain dead Deomcrat liberals. Call me teabagger to my face.


Animal fights are so disgustingly gruesome. I don't get how someone can watch something like that and maintain their composure much less enjoy it...

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