Ass Clown of the Week: Idiot Ne'er-Do-Wells, Meatheads, Bogus Dick Docs

They're baaack! After a few weeks off for good behavior, local yokels lacking morals -- or common sense -- struck back with a vengeance this week. You know the rules, vote for the person who's actions or words you think makes them this week's biggest Ass Clown. 

And the nominees...

1. Rich Stephens: The former Oakland Raiders football player has taken to driving around Byrnes Mill in his red 4X4 pickup truck outfitted with a sign that insults the local police department. Stephens is upset that he was recently arrested and wants to fight the cop who handcuffed him to an mixed-martial arts match.

2. Mark Hughes: The St. Louis County man pleaded guilty this week to selling fake Viagra and Cialis pills at $5 a pop. Investigators caught wind of his scheme when he ordered 1,000 bogus pills from overseas to his home. Hughes was selling the medication by word of mouth (awkward) and through an unlicensed pharmacy.

3. Jennifer McConnell: The local wedding photographer who the BBB accuses of leaving women stranded at the alter -- literally -- by not showing up to photograph the ceremony or failing to turn over pictures she does take.

4. Will McCaskill: Senator Claire McCaskill's brother was charged with cocaine possession this week stemming from his arrest last January outside a nightclub he owns in Columbia, Missouri. McCaskill was reportedly passed out on the sidewalk at the time of the arrest.

* Honorable mention goes to Donald Zakrzewski, the 42-year-old man who police believe robbed a Ladue home Saturday and then fell off a cliff and died while fleeing the cops. Zakrewski's death (not funny) precludes him from an Ass Clown nomination. R.I.P.

Cast your vote below!

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