Bravo's Andy Cohen on "The Real Housewives of St. Louis"

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Andy Cohen HATES you, St. Louis.
​Note to all you gorgeous housewives of St. Louis, Clayton and Ladue: Andy Cohen does not want you to put you on TV.

The senior vice president for original programming and development at Bravo -- and wrangler of so-called "Real" Housewives from Washington, D.C. to Orange County -- recently spoke to the New York Times about the reality TV franchise. (The occasion? Bravo's latest incarnation, one featuring the oh-so-unreal housewives of Beverly Hills, debuts Thursday.)

The Times' Kathryn Shattuck asked Cohen why the franchise had yet to venture into the Midwest. And here's Cohen's unedited -- and oh-so-devastating -- response:


I'm from St. Louis. I know the real housewives of St. Louis, and I don't necessarily want to see them on TV. Please don't let that be a slam on my hometown because it's my favorite place.

So let's get this straight. Bravo spends hours glorifying anorexic party-crashers and compulsive-shopping brawlers from coast to coast -- but our housewives aren't good enough for them?

Oh, no, Andy: We would never take that as a slam.

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Well maybe come to saint peters then. You don't know what u r missing. Yes ladue, Clayton, chesterfield and STL co your going to find brain dead lame boring wanna be good little rich girls. They are boring but not here dear. We would make your other housewives look like catty fake air heads. he does NOT know the real housewives n STL. Just because your from here doesn't mean you know us lmao. What a joke.


Really? Are there actually gorgeous housewives in St. Louis? I'm moving to LaDue and it kind of gives me the creeps...


Im a very well to do 41yr. Old black housewife from st. louis im not offended that he doesnt want stl housewives to make a mock of themselves on tv as a matter of fact im glad he didnt throw us out to the lions.


Thank you Andy for not suggesting that the fine folks in St. Louis are so ignorant and dysfunctional that they would be good candidates for a reality tv show. Also, Ms. Fenske, if you take it as a slam, I assume you're of the generation between 16 and 30 that has been brought up to think that brain dead people on reality tv shows have a place in the education of our youth and add value other than just taking up space.

Kenny Powers
Kenny Powers

He probably was just saying that the "Real Housewives of St. Louis" would be boring to his audience... because they are accustomed to watching idiots.

This is what the show would be like in St. Louis:

HW1: Oh my gosh, did you hear that the tuition is being raised at Priory?

HW2: No Way! (Slaps knee in astonishment)

HW1: That is correct! I knew we should have picked Chesterfield instead of University City; Richard could then attend Rockwood/Parkway Schools.

HW2: Be careful what you wish for! We chose Kirkwood over U.C. for that very reason and look where that got us! I never order delivery anymore...

HW1: Wait, that reminds me, what high school did you go to?

HW2: Nerix Hall...

HW1: Did you know Stacy Sheppard?

HW2: Yes, total slut!

HW1: I know!

HW2: Wanna go to Bread Co?

HW1: Sure, hop in my new BMW X5. I just traded my old X5 in for one with a different color... just kinda wanted a change, ya know.

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