Bus Driver Sees Blood, Passes Out: Mayhem!

If this makes you light-headed, DON'T DRIVE A BUS
C'mon kids, sing! The wheels on the bus go round and -- CRASH!

At about 9:20 am yesterday, a school bus was cruising through Springfield, according to the News-Leader. And then:
Apparently, the driver bent down to adjust his seat, cut his finger, and passed out at the sight of his own blood, said police Lt. Faye Barksdale.
The bus then crashed into the house of an 83-year-old woman.

Wait, there's more: 
As the school bus left the road and headed for the home, it hit a utility pole guy wire, damaging the pole and knocking out power for several city blocks.
Around 1,300 City Utilities customers lost power, said CU spokesman Mark Viguet.
Fortunately, there were no kids on board the bus.

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