Lure Nightclub To Close, Plans a Final Red Hott Thursday

Photo by Jason Stoff
Off-duty cops watching Lure's entrance
Lure nightclub -- which public and private entities have been campaigning to shut down  -- is closing for good, says manager Tony Trupiano. However, he and his siblings, Nick and Aprille, plan to open a new club in the same spot under a different name, possibly by Halloween.

In the meantime, they're holding one final Red Hott Thursday this week. Recall that these are the parties that arguably started the big controversy in the first place -- they're hip-hop nights that have drawn huge crowds, mostly black. Some loft-dwellers insist those nights caused mayhem in the streets.

The Trupianos, however, claimed in July that city officials informed them that all their regulatory problems would go away if they got rid of Red Hott Thursdays. That's when the siblings hung banners in their window such as "Downtown Hates Black People." This angered City Hall, which forged ahead with an effort to shutter the bar. 

So is Daily RFT correct in interpreting one last Red Hott Thursday as giant middle finger directed toward City Hall?

"No," Trupiano says. 

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