Missouri Sex Offenders All Clear for Trick-or-Treating (If Convicted Prior to '08)

How to know whether your kids are knocking on a sex offender's door? The Jack-o-Lantern might offer a clue.
Remember Missouri sex offenders: If you were convicted prior to August 28, 2008 you're all good for participating in trick-or-treating this Halloween.

That said, those of you convicted after that date must comply with Missouri law requiring that you: 1) avoid all contact with children on Halloween; 2) stay in your homes between the hours of 5 and 10:30 p.m. on Halloween; 3) post a sign on your door saying "No candy or treats at this residence"; 4) leave all outside lights off after 5 p.m.

Why do different rules apply to sex offenders? Because back in January the Missouri Supreme Court ruled that the current law on Halloween behavior, passed in 2008, violated the rights of those already convicted.

H/T: Southeast Missourian

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