Purina Wants Your Help Proving Multiple Cat Owners Aren't Filthy Animal Hoarders

Purina hopes to dispel the above stereotype of multi-cat homes.
Did you know that 50 percent of Americans without cats have purposely not visited a home because the homeowner had two or more cats? And, three in five (60%) of Americans without cats say they would be willing to give up something like shopping, a favorite beverage, cell phone, television or Internet access to avoid spending a week in a multiple cat home.

Now St. Louis-based Purina and its Tidy Cat brand of kitty litter want to do something about that.

According to Purina, multiple cat owners clean their homes more than a meticulous feline cleans itself and much more than the non-cat-owning homeowner. To prove that, Purina is looking for multiple cat owners to send them pictures of their homes. But it doesn't end there. Purina also wants homeowners to write an essay "in the voice of one of their cats" saying why their house is the most welcoming in America. Yep. It's true and it's Daily RFT's "Press Release of the Day."

P.S. The contest winner gets $5,000 cash which may BE 'noug to TAlk caT Spek. MEoW thiNks.

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