Rich Stephens: Missouri Man Angry About Arrest Challenges Cop to MMA Fight

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KTVI Fox 2
Rich Stephens: Meathead on a mission.
A Jefferson County man who briefly played football for the Oakland Raiders in the mid-90s wants to get into a caged mat with a Byrnes Mill cop.

Rich Stephens -- listed as six-foot-seven and 315 pounds during his days as an offensive lineman -- says that officer Tim Walker kicked him and shoved him during a recent arrest. Now Stephens is driving around Byrnes Mill in his 4x4 pickup with a huge sign insulting the town's police department.

Stephens tells KTVI Fox 2 that he wants to fight Walker in a mixed-martial arts match. He'd like to sell tickets and donate proceeds to charity.

"All I want is his head on my hands," says Stephens.

Check out a video of Stephens below...

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