Will McCaskill: Senator's Brother Latest Middle-Aged Man to Lose Dignity in Columbia

Police Handout
Will McCaskill: Geez this is humiliating. Maybe if I just close my eyes...
One more reason why middle-aged men have no reason partying with college kids.

Will McCaskill, the younger brother of Senator Claire McCaskill, was arrested last night on drug charges stemming from a January 5 incident in Columbia, Missouri.

That's when police found the 46-year-old passed out on the sidewalk in front of Generic, a nightclub he co-owns on Broadway. (Fun fact: Generic is right across the street from the apartment where Iowa State Cyclones coach Larry Eustachy went crazy with the coeds back in 2003.)

McCaskill had a cut over his eye and a bruise on his face. A search of his person found him to be in possession of a powder that has since tested positive for cocaine.

McCaskill was released on $4,500 bond. His sister, Sen. McCaskill, said she's disappointed with her brother and said law enforcement should treat him like anyone else.

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