St. Charles Bill Would Require Rearview Mirrors for Bikes

This little girl faces little threat of being cuffed-and-stuffed in St. Chuck for not having a mirror on her bike.
The St. Charles County Council last night concluded one ongoing debate with bicyclists while leaving another potential showdown in limbo.

As reported several times on Daily RFT, councilman Joe Brazil (R-Defiance) had pushed legislation that would ban bicyclists from the rural roads in the county.

Last night's compromise bill, approved by the council, would require bike groups of 25 cyclists or more to get a permit for their rides from the sheriff's office. The council is asking the Missouri Department of Transportation to review the bill before it becomes law to make sure it passes muster with state statutes.

Meanwhile, the council tabled another bill that would require cyclists to use certain safety equipment when riding on county roads believed to be dangerous for bikes.

The list includes flashing lights, reflectors and rearview mirrors. Mercifully (for the Spandex-clad clinging to their last vestiges of cool), several council members questioned the need for the mirrors.

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