Tats for Tits: Tattoo Shop Giving Free Pink Ribbon Tattoos

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It's Breast Cancer Awareness Month, in case you hadn't caught wind of that fact in spite of the pink football uniforms, shopping bags, coffee sleeves, etcetera. It would seem that we're saving the world one rack at a time, judging by the pale pink hue of Schnucks bags littering the sidewalks (as opposed to the rest of the year, when our litter is decidedly less pastel). 

Though the magenta will fade from our grocery stores and NFL broadcasts in a little over a week, at least one business is playing for keeps: Eternal Ink, a tattoo shop in the tiny Illinois village of Hecker (population 475, according to the 2000 census) offered free pink ribbon tattoos this week. Word got out, reports the Belleville News Democrat, and Eternal Ink has been packed all week.

"On Wednesday, more people came through here than live in town," Eric Catalano, owner of Eternal Ink, told the BND

The ribbon tattoos come in three styles, and would normally cost $30 to ink. More women than men have stepped up to be inked, Catalano says, and lines were out the door every day. Each tattoo took about five minutes.

If this gets you excited to get badass in the name of boobies (for free!), well...sorry. The last day of the free tattoo offer was Thursday. 

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