Top Ten Things That Have Been Inside The Beautiful Kind's Vagina: NSFW

Now that Kendra Holliday has outed herself as the face behind St. Louis' raciest sex blog, the Beautiful Kind, we thought it only fitting to commemorate her greatest hits. And no, we're not talking blog posts. We're talking penetration, baby!

Here's our (admittedly subjective) list of the ten most interesting, bizarre and downright memorable things to get inside Kendra Holliday.

10. The Taffy Tickler

This thing looks more like a deep sea creature -- more alien than a sex toy. However, kudos to TBK for noticing the odd (and eerie) resemblance to the appendage of a famous character from Dr. Seuss. Anyone who can write a blog post that includes alien dick, taffy ticklers and Horton Hears a Who deserves all the web hits they get.

Taffy Horton .jpg
The Beautiful Kind
"A person's a person, no matter how small." Click here for the original TBK post.

9. Sextreme Electro-Vibe

Electrocution: Apparently, it's what every vagina craves.

Electro Vibe.jpg
The Beautiful Kind
"These go to eleven." Click here for the original TBK post.

8. A Big Black Cock

Her words, not ours.

Black Cock.jpg
Image via
Did you really think we'd show the real thing? Click here for the original TBK post.

7. Double-Ended Hardwood Dildo

They just don't make them like they used to, which is why one company decided to bring back the pine and put the wood into "woody."

Woody .jpg
The Beautiful Kind
There's a joke about Woody Woodpecker in here somewhere. Click here for the original TBK post.

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