Urban Hunters Kill 45 Deer in St. Louis County; 91 in St. Charles

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Deer hunting in the St. Louis 'burbs isn't confined to Big Buck Hunter.
Missouri's four-day urban deer hunt ended Monday with more than 587 deer harvested in the metro areas of St. Louis, Kansas City, Springfield and Columbia-Jefferson City.

Boone County (home to Columbia) led the counties participating in the hunt with 97 deer bagged between October 8-11. St. Charles County was a close second with 91. In St. Louis County, hunters harvested 45 deer.

Hunters are only allowed to shoot antler-less deer during the event as a way to cull the female population and limit reproduction. So, yeah, if you want to the hunt bucks in the 'burbs, you'll still need to play the video game.

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