What Were They Thinking Drinking?

These seven politicians surely have good excuses for their slurred speech and bizarre commentary. They'd probably say they're just fatigued from the road -- or too busy serving the people. Call us cynics, but we happen to think that they're drunk beyond belief after enjoying some of their own secret service.

Here are the videos. You decide.

7. Japanese Finance Minister
This poor man is either very sleepy, heavily sedated...or straight up crunked.

6. Vladimir Putin
Did the KGB put its former agent into a trance?

5. Hillary Clinton
Admittedly, the 2008 primary was rough. It was supposed to be a cakewalk to the presidency for then-Senator Clinton. Instead, she found herself struggling to compete with the Obama machine. So, it's plausible that Clinton is simply exhausted here, but come on: The woman is slurring in this clip like a rapper on cold syrup. (Lest you think we're exaggerating, watch the priceless reaction shots from John Edwards, who seems to be wondering how the heck he's losing to a woman who preps for debates by sipping Codeine.)

4. Nicolas Sarkozy
The diminutive French president is way too giggly to be merely sleepy.

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