Alderman Jeffrey Boyd: Let's Simmer Down With the Honorary Street Names

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A stretch of Delmar was renamed after some guy last year.
City aldermen have gone buck-wild this year renaming streets after people. Alderman Jeffrey Boyd of the 22nd Ward thinks they should cool it. 

According to a quick search on Google Reader (which aggregates all proposed board bills), our elected officials have introduced twenty street-renaming bills so far in 2010 -- more than twice last year's total.

Alderman Samuel Moore moved to honor eight different citizens (including Chuck Berry) with their own streets in the Fourth Ward last month alone. He's up for re-election next year. 

Boyd's bill would require the Street Department to pay for the sign before they put it up. The bill would also limit each alderman to two renamings per year.

Neither Boyd, Moore nor the Street Department immediately returned calls to Daily RFT.

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