Feel Bad for the Woman Who Spent 9 Hours in Cuffs?

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She languished so long in cuffs...but allegedly beat a dude with a baseball bat.
What she did: According to Washington Park's finest, the woman in question (related to the town's former mayor) broke into somebody's house with a male accomplice. Police suspect a certain motive, but aren't saying what. The homeowner tried to fend them off with a baseball bat, but the intruders grabbed it and turned it on him.

What police did: Arrested both intruders at the scene. Police Chief Dave Clark told the Belleville News-Democrat that the woman:
"was enraged, belligerent and combative....Because of her behavior, she was put into a cell with handcuffs on until she calmed down. It appears the officer did not follow through with checking on the prisoner. It appears that one officer was under the impression that another officer removed the handcuffs. And, apparently that didn't happen."
Nine hours later, she was still wearing cuffs. Clark says he expects to take disciplinary action against the officers responsible.

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