Jon Hamm on Conan: 'I Am Tremendously Awkward'

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This really was the most awkward face we could screencap. He's just too handsome.
We here at Daily RFT believe that protein is an essential part of any balanced diet, which is why we like to share the latest and greatest news of favored St. Louis son and Mad Men star Jon Hamm whenever possible. (Get it? Ham is a protein! Also, Jon Hamm is grade-A hunk of man meat. Ahem.)

Last night, Hamm stopped by Conan O'Brien's new late night show, Conan, to share his thoughts on how he got so darned handsome. 

"Were you an awkward person who turned into Jon Hamm later in life?"

"I'm still tremendously awkward," Hamm replied. He attributed his perceived handsomeness to cool clothes and "400 people" working on his hair and makeup. 

Click behind the jump to see the full seven-minute interview, including Hamm's revelation of how Elisabeth Moss caused him the most pain he's ever felt in his life. 

Now, if you're like us, watch this four more times on mute, just to soak in your daily dose of Hammdsome. (Too much?)

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