The Exterminator: Metro-East Folks Lurve It

Categories: Community, Crime
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Daily RFT would feel uncomfortable moving any serious weight around The Exterminator
Yesterday, the BND dutifully asked Belleville residents: So now that you've got a 12,000-pound police Humvee with surveillance cameras that's parked right in your 'hood, aren't you worried about invasions of your privacy?

Their answer: Hell no.

According to St. Clair County Sheriff Mearl Justus, he's been getting Exterminator requests from both residents and police departments in the county for about a month.

Right now, the crime-deterring monstrosity is parked in 500 block of North 40th Street in Belleville, streaming live video back to the Sheriff's office. But Daily RFT wonders: All that an enterprising drug dealer would need to blind The Exterminator would be a plastic shopping bag over the camera lens, right? Just wondering...

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