34 Missouri Water Systems Not in Compliance with State Testing

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ho humm.jpg
Water testing? Ho humm.
The Missouri Department of Natural Resources is out with a list of businesses and groups that have chronically failed to complete drinking water testing required by state law.

The list includes convenient stores, trailer parks and Emmanuel United Church of Christ in St. Charles -- the only outfit in the St. Louis region to be cited by the DNR.

While failure to submit water tests does not mean water at these locations is unsafe, many of the scofflaws have had problems in the past.

That includes the Ho Humm Campground in Dallas County, which, given its name, might be forgiven for taking a lackadaisical approach to testing its water.

Still, the campground has had acute violations in the past, such as the time in 2002 that fecal coliform was found in its water supply. Blech!

Missouri has 2,800 public drinking water systems, of which the vast majority (98.8 percent) regularly comply with all testing.

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