Comment of the Day: Special Deer-Saving Edition

Categories: Blowback
Today's comment of the day comes from reader "Ashlee," who called out Daily RFT uber-blogger Chad Garrison for his cavalier attitude toward the tragedy of the deer trapped on the icy Mississippi -- and may have actually saved the lives of the aforementioned deer thanks to her persistence and ingenuity.

Readers, we shit you not: This comment may have actually saved Bambi and his pals from certain death!

"Ashlee" writes:

to all of you who choose the easy way out when it comes to situations like this:

get more creative people and do something yourselves. my sister and i made call after call after call for these deer and after calling the news station to tell them i had found a news crew in Norway that had used a helicopter to blow the deer to the shore it seems they took my advice. hopefully you all will think a little more creatively and HUMANELY next time, though i understand a slow death would have been awful, one must think around death as an option.

happy holidays

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