Comment of the Day: "Living in Civilization Costs Money"

Categories: Blowback
Today's comment of the day comes in response to Chad Garrison's post about a Fenton man who wants to do away with the state's personal property tax -- which Garrison compared to billionaire financier Rex Sinquefield, who's trying to eliminate the earnings taxes in St. Louis and Kansas City.

As "J. Brad Hicks" writes:

An earlier article on this estimated the tax collected from the personal property tax at about 5% of the state's annual budget, or about $1 billion a year. So what do you propose to do without in exchange? A billion dollars' worth of bridge and road repair? or a billion dollars' worth of hospital reimbursements? Or lay off a billion dollars a year's worth of grade school and high school teachers? Those are the only three really big line items in the state's budget, which you can look up for yourself online; everything else is pocket change by comparison, and you're not going to squeeze another billion in savings out of all of them together.

As unpopular as it is to say this in Missouri, living in civilization costs money. Suck it up and pay it.

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