Brittney Holmes: Teenager Dies Allegedly From Inhaling Fog Inside Haunted House

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Brittney Holmes
The Post-Dispatch has the sad conclusion to a story Daily RFT first reported back in May.

That's when we told you about a lawsuit filed on behalf of Brittney Holmes, a 15-year-old Belleville girl who allegedly fell into a vegetative state after inhaling fog inside the popular Soulard haunted house, The Darkness, in October 2009.

According to the suit her mother filed in St. Louis Circuit Court last April, "various chemical components comprising artificial fog, smoke and scents" caused Brittney to suffer a "anoxic/hypoxic injury to the brain that has rendered her paralyzed, speechless, thoughtless, and in generally vegetative state."

As the Post-Dispatch reported yesterday, Brittney died on November 12.

Her father has now filed his own lawsuit against Hollywood Productions, the company that operates The Darkness, apparently unaware until after Brittney's death that mom had already filed a similar lawsuit.

Hollywood Productions declined to comment to the daily yesterday and never returned our phone calls last May, though the company allegedly had signs posted warning people with respiratory conditions not to enter the haunted house. Brittney, asthmatic since age 4, reportedly suffered allergies to tree nuts, grass, dust, mildew and peanuts.   

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