Perry Henderson: Career Criminal Charged in Murder, Robbery of Sandra Wood

perry henderson.jpg
Perry Henderson
He's been out of prison for fewer than ten months and now he's headed back.

Yesterday, the Madison County state's attorney charged 50-year-old Perry Henderson with breaking into the Alton home of 73-year-old Sandra Wood, sexually assaulting her, strangling her to death and leaving with her car and flat-screen TV.

"I am confident he will be sent back to prison for the sixth and final time, so this will be the final crime he commits in Alton -- or anywhere," said Alton police chief David Hayes at a news conference yesterday.

Henderson's previous arrests and incarcerations had him serving prison time for assault with a deadly weapon, sexual abuse a 5-year-old, home invasion and residential burglary. This time he could face the death penalty.

Woods, a Democratic and environmental activist who'd retired from teaching in the St. Louis Public Schools, was found dead at her home last Friday.

Check out the Alton-Telegraph for all the gory details.

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