Kendra Holliday, Mom Behind Sex Blog, Sued For Custody

photo by Jennifer Silverberg
Kendra Holliday
After revealing her identity in an RFT feature and on her blog, Kendra Holliday expected fallout. After all, the blog she'd maintained anonymously for years,, features an explicit peek into her sex-positive world filled with lovers, sex toys and BDSM.

Right away she found a great deal of support and criticism, both online and in real life -- commenters on our story called her everything from a hero to a whore. Some parents of her child's classmates shunned her.

And now, her ex-husband, who called her "a good mom" and said they were "friends" in our profile, has sued her for full custody of their ten-year-old child, she writes on her blog.

Plenty more updates as we get them. Stay tuned.

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