How To Get Wasted Much Faster at the Cardinals Game

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Big beer lines be gone!! As Todd Frankel of the Post-Dispatch reported last week, Anheuser-Busch now has a stake in a company  called Grin-On, which has invented a way to pour beer upside down, and way faster than before. (Click to watch how it's done)

YouTube has been lighting up for months with videos of this lil' innovation, including a few clips ostensibly from trials at Busch Stadium. But how much faster does the new system really pour? Watch:

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This isn't new. I saw it last year at Scottrade Center -- or was it Busch Stadium?


Just to be clear, I wasn't trying to burn my esteemed colleague, Nicholas Phillips. I'm just pointing out to readers and the Post-Dispatch that this technology isn't brand new. Anyone else see this thing last year at a St. Louis arena/stadium? I'm thinking it was at Scottrade but can't remember. Perhaps the two-second pours clouded my memory.

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