Comment of the Day: Always Consider the Source -- Smoking Bans

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Today's comment comes in response to a post about a study in Kansas City that found that city's smoking ban has had no financial impact on the sales receipts at bars and restaurants. The study was commissioned by the Healthcare Foundation of Greater Kansas City, which supports smoking bans.

Commenter Bill Hannegan writes:
Look who is paying for the study. This is a case of the fox guarding the chicken coop. Independent economic studies find that smoking bans hurt bars. Kansas City bar owners still claim to have been hurt by the ban and I am told the ban is often ignored for that reason.

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There were people who argued we should keep slavery, there are people who argued minorities and women shouldn’t have the right to vote, there are people who argued that minorities shouldn’t be able to eat, sleep and sit in the same places as the majority. There are people who argue they should be able to blow their smoke anywhere they want, just like the good old days. Because everything was better “back in the day”. Like slavery, suppressing democracy, and segregation.

People say its about their "freedoms". Well think of it like this:

Smoking ban = Freedom!

Freedom from addiction, Freedom from smelling bad (and making others smell bad), Freedom from yellow teeth and paying all those taxes! Everyone hates paying taxes!

Embrace Freedom! Embrace a smoke free St. Louis!


Well Chad, Bill has every reason to question who paid for it and should he also should be asking who got paid. The University of IL, Chicago under the leadership of Frank Chaloupa has also produced this tidbit for states who've reached their max tobacco tax limit: where, at the end you'll find endnotes and my favorite, #103: &Starbucks better be ready to bend over when the IL Dems find this.

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