Ass Clown of the Week: Hamburglars, Angry Aldermen, Spags and a Real Weasel

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Once again, it's been a fruitful few days for Daily RFT's Ass Clown of the Week nominees. You know the rules. Vote for the local news maker who you think committed the dirtiest and/or most shameful deed of the past seven days.

And the nominees...

1. Chris Heuring: The Benton, Missouri, man was charged with drunk driving and unlawful use of a weapon this week after he pulled a shotgun on workers in a McDonald's drive-thru and demanded that they re-open the closed restaurant. Heuring told police his pregnant wife would kill him if he didn't bring home some food.

2. David Karney: The Town & Country alderman was censured this week for allegedly sending a threatening e-mail to a colleague. The email to alderman Fred Meyland-Smith, written under an alias, suggested Meyland-Smith "be shot" for supporting a bill to eradicate deer in the West County suburb.

3. Steve Spagnuolo: The Rams' head coach this week fired one of the team's longest-tenured employees without explanation. Todd Hewitt had served as the team's equipment manager for 26 years and worked for the team since 1978.

4. The Grain Valley Ferret: A family's pet reportedly ate off the fingers of a baby in Grain Valley, Missouri, this week. Lots of Internet commenters say the pet ferret is not to blame, but c'mon. Who did the gnawing?

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