Post-Dispatch Sniffs Out Story on Bath Salts -- Months After News First Broke of Fake Cocaine

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Post-Dispatch: It was right there! Under our nose the entire time!
Have you read the news today? Oh boy.

It seems the Post-Dispatch has at last discovered that kids are snorting bath salts containing the drug mephedrone that simulates the effects of cocaine. The daily features its findings on the front page of today's paper. Over at, the article has already generated dozens of comments and social-media shares.

Here's the deal though. The paper is months late with the news.

Fox 2 first broke the story in October about how St. Louis kids were getting high on Ivory Wave and other "bath salts" sold at head shops and other outlets.

Here at Daily RFT we followed up with reporting on how the bath salts have already swept across Europe, resulting in deaths and a ban in the United Kingdom. The news of bath salts also compelled us to create a list: The 10 Dumbest Things People Have Used to Get High.

So, yeah, while today's Post-Dispatch story is hardly news, we guess it's high time the daily gets makes a buzz off the drug.

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im pretty sure that these people who are in the psych wards and or are killing themselves are ODing is because they are doing more than they can handle before they are testing it out. Its very strong and needs to be taken with extreme caution. Lines of this stuff can be lethal. Little bumps is not if you have control. Its done by people who get drug tested on a regular basis. I do believe it should be illegal...but then again there are lots of things out there that can probably get you high and kill you at the same time. Lets just make paint illegal, or laundry detergent. I mean...just cause it can get you high and kill you doesnt mean it should be illegal. They need to make the mephedrone illegal.

Rhonda Hicks30
Rhonda Hicks30

I am from west virgina and the bath salts are here to Iknow this because my sister is in a psych ward after doing the so called bath salts 2weeks ago she was in the ICU with RAPID heart rate and paronia, we are lucky she is still alive theparonia is still with her it is so sad to see what this stuff has done to a smart and beautiful girl.We do not know if she will ever be the same again.


But before loading your nostrils with the stuff, keep what one intrepid Erowid reporter said in mind: “Doing/coming off of MDPV is like winning a Mercedes and being told at the last minute they got your name wrong. Uggh.” And if that weren’t enough to dissuade you, another user reported four hours of essay writing, “two whole hours of finger tapping,” and super-intense high Facebooking. ‘Uggh,’ is right.


so is this then your pathetic attempt at a news story, or are you just bragging?

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