Blaine Gabbert: Goodbye, Mizzou (P.S. Forget What I Said Last Week)

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Was it really just six days ago that University of Missouri's defeated and disappointed quarterback addressed the media following his team's loss to Iowa in the Insight Bowl?

And wasn't it then that Blaine Gabbert suggested he'd be back next year to make up for his interception that cost the team the game?

"We are going to have one heck of a football team, I can tell you that right now," Gabbert said of next year's ball club. "This team is a bunch of competitors. We will fight our tails off to the very, very end.

"Having this bitter taste in our mouth will make us work that much harder," Gabbert continued. "And people should watch out for us next year, because we got a lot of guys coming back (and) we're hungry."

Yeah, well so much for that.

Today Gabbert announced that he'll forgo his senior year to enter the NFL draft this spring. The Kansas City Star broke the news this afternoon, to which we say: "Ehh." 

As good as he was (18-8 as a starter and throwing for huge yards) Gabbert has been -- and will remain -- an afterthought when folks recall Mizzou's resurgence to the ranks of respectable (though not yet great) football programs. Chase Daniel. Brad Smith. Jeremy Maclin. Those are the names that will be remembered.

Of course, they had it somewhat easier. They performed when the team had less expectations. Gabbert was handed the keys to an already decent program. At times Gabbert was able to steer the program into the fast lane -- such as the victory over No. 1 Oklahoma this October. But now that he's entered the exit ramp, one can only speculate on what could have been.

He certainly didn't reach greatness at Mizzou. Hopefully he will accomplish more than just his financial goals in the NFL -- a league with lots of second-rate quarterbacks whose glory days remain at college.

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Yeah, that sucks for Missouri. I'm from Iowa and remember when ISU could have been a championship contender in basketball (they lost the previous year in the final 8 to Michigan State in Michigan), but then Marcus Fizer opted for a sad NBA career instead of coming back to play his senior year with Jamal Tinsley. I realize there's a lot of pressure to go for the money when you have a chance, but it seems like the glory of actually being a key player on a really good college team could be so much more meaningful in the long term.

Chad Garrison
Chad Garrison

Yeah. Ryan Leaf comes to mind.

Michael Wolf
Michael Wolf

Right Chad - Only Ryan Leaf had a huge college career. I cant figure out what makes Gabbert a top 5? Have these "experts" actually seen Mr. Freak out under the slightest pressure" play?


glad i wasnt the only one that saw that.....every game

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