Charlotte Mayor Says He (Too) Is In Dark Over Democratic National Convention

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Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx
Earlier this week Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill fretted that St. Louis may not win the bid for the 2012 Democratic National Convention because she's heard nothing in recent weeks about the event from the White House.

Apparently, though, McCaskill isn't the only one who's been left in the dark. The mayor of Charlotte, which is believed to be the other finalist for the convention, says he's still waiting for confirmation from the Obama administration.

Mayor Anthony Foxx was at the White House yesterday -- along with city mayors from across the nation -- to talk to the president about the economy. In an interview about that meeting on the PBS NewsHour last night, Fox was asked point blank if Obama hinted anything to him yesterday about his city hosting the convention.

"I'm very optimistic," replied Foxx. "But I got no indications of that today. I did bring my basketball shorts to see if that would help."

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Handsome Jimmy
Handsome Jimmy

Go Charlotte! I can't imagine anyone who works or lives downtown to actually want STL to host this weeks-long circus from hell.

Mike N.
Mike N.

HA, I was reading that headline as "Charlack Mayor..." and wondering why the hell we would care... I guess I have speed cameras on the brain.

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