More Del Taco Violence: Man Stabbed in Drive-Thru

Last summer it was masked bandits robbing the Del Taco on McCausland Avenue, just south of Clayton Road. Today it's a stabbing at the Del Taco on South Grand (below).

del taco s. grand.jpg
According to St. Louis police, two men were in the drive-thru of the Mexican fast-food joint just after midnight today when they got into an argument. The 31-year-old victim tells police that his car-mate pulled a knife and stabbed him. The victim is in stable condition at an area hospital. The suspect, 40, was arrested at the scene.

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Mike N.
Mike N.

Still, though, Del Taco rocks. I wish there were more of them around here. Oh, and bring back Zantigo while you're at it!


The guy wanted his Macho Burrito and he wanted it NOW.

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