Downtown Macy's Downsizing

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The Macy's will now occupy the first three floors.
The Macy's in the Railway Exchange Building at Olive and 6th Street is downsizing, according to blogger Steve Patterson.

Patterson writes on his Urban Review STL that the city's only downtown department store will now occupy three floors instead of six. Much of the 21-story Railway Exchange Building had served as the headquarters for the Famous-Barr chain of department stores prior to its acquisition by Macy's in the mid-2000s.

Good news is that the iconic Papa FaBarre's restaurant on the second floor of the department store should stay open for business following the downsizing. The same cannot be said for the St. Louis Room, a dated cafeteria on the sixth floor that -- like much of this throwback department store -- conjured up memories of the 1970s BBC comedy, Are You Being Served? 

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Ed Golterman
Ed Golterman

This opens three floors of potential office space. With office space vacancy here at about 17%, why an office-space building in Ballpark Village? Build more when you run vacancy rate down to about 5%. Respond to a demand.


The bridge connecting it to the parking garage is on the 4th floor, anyone know what's to become of that?


"...according to blogger Steve Patterson."

I don't mean to in any way diminish the blogger, but the fact that the store is shrinking to three floors has been widely reported in the local press, and acknowledged by Macy's, for more than six months.

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