Gateway Pundit Blogger Jim Hoft Earns Ire of Keith Olbermann

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Political commentator Keith Olbermann took note yesterday of St. Louis' own Jim Hoft, the conservative blogger behind Gateway Pundit.

Olbermann singled out Hoft for his coverage last week following the shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and others in Arizona. Following Olbermann's overly self-congratulatory reflection on his own response to the shooting, the MSNBC host took Hoft to task for citing a fake Facebook page in which suspect Jared Loughner supposedly named Barack Obama and Che Guevara as his heroes.

Olbermann went on to cite Hoft's follow-up coverage three other times during his tirade. See St. Louis Activist Hub for a case-by-case critique of Hoft via Olbermann.

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Jim Hoft = one of the worst in STL, along with Loesch, Hennessy, Loudon, and Phyllis Schlafly.

Gypsy Boots
Gypsy Boots

Do you mean Olbermann went on to "cite" Hoft?


I did indeed, Gypsy Boots. Thanks for the copy edit.

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