Cards Fan Announces Rally to Keep Pujols in St. Louis

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John H. Tucker
​Yesterday's 20-degree weather didn't stop a shirtless, nipple-pierced Kirk Pound from promoting his "Give Us 5 for Life" rally, which he'll hold at Busch Stadium next weekend in attempt to keep Albert Pujols in a Cardinals uniform for the rest of his career. Pound is calling on all Cards fans to gather at the Stan Musial statue on Saturday, February 5, at 1 p.m. to demand that the team re-sign Pujols to a long-term contract.

"This is the first time ever that fans will get together to ask a team to sign a player before he gets to free agency," says Pound, who decided to hold the rally on February 5 in homage to Pujols's jersey number. "We want to show the Cardinals that the fans have a voice, and we're hoping both sides can come to an agreement."

The 33-year-old O'Fallon, Illinois, resident says he doesn't have a permit to hold the rally, but he's confident the city will allow it to occur since (come on!) it's for Pujols.

Pound is a corporate worker by trade, but once he punches the clock, he'll often doff his oxford shirt in exchange for his trademark spray-on wife-beater. He likens himself a superhero with a double-identity: "I walk out in a suit, and twenty minutes later I'm what you see here."

As for the frigid weather, Pound didn't seem fazed. "Rain, sleet, snow -- I'm like the post office!" he exclaims.

Channel 5 plans to air a segment on the rally this afternoon. For more info, visit

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come on st. louisquit complaining it's cold get off your ass support albert .be the fans that the baseball world know we are .let's get albert for life an has'nt been on steroids .do it for those of us who can't afford to come to st.louis .i live in branson with 2 kids an can't afford to take them to see albert much less a cards game .i grew up in st.louis an got to watch games but don't have the money.but i never miss a game on tv.the only time i get close to the cards is dave duncan lives here in my town .so come on cards fans let's not make fun of this man join him after all you don't have to take your shirts also albert you have enough money.we love you an your family ditch your agent make your own call be a card for life.thanks for the chance to say what i think card fan for life.


With the cold weather, I would have expected that he would at least spray paint some long sleeves.


albert is the best ever...why not sign him?????


Right on Brother, Die Hard Cards fan Rocks!

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