TV Evangelist Joel Osteen at Scottrade Center This Friday

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You've seen him on TV, preaching to thousands of people inside his ginormous Texas church (a former sports arena that once housed the Houston Rockets), and now you can see him in person at a sports arena home to the St. Louis Blues.

That's right on Friday, Pastor Joel Olsteen and his wife Victoria will be at Scottrade Center for a  "Night of Hope" -- "an exciting time of praise and worship where lives are changed, hope is restored and thousands come to know Christ."

What's that you say? You already have plans for Friday night? Well, get yourself to Pudd'nhead Books in Webster Groves at noon Friday. That's where Joel and Victoria will be signing copies of their books, Gifts from the Heart and It's Your Time

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Shurketia Herring
Shurketia Herring

So looking forward to being in the presence of Joel Osteen and able to witness his words in person. Thank God for the blessings especially since this is the year I so look forward to strong spiritual blessing in the year of 2011!

Shurketia Herring

Mike N.
Mike N.

He's really more of a 'motivational speaker' (tho' I don't know if he lives in a van down by the river.) But what I really want to know is, is he tax exempt on the $15 a head they're charging for this thing? More power to him for inspiring his throngs, but don't do it under the guise of being a church....


No foolin!?! I had plans Friday night to go out and be "extra" promiscuous but here's the opportunity I was waiting for to wipe away all my past transgressions! I'll be there!!!

Hey any new candidates for 2011 assclown of the year yet? Give you a hint....

Chad Garrison
Chad Garrison

Do you not watch Sunday morning TV? I think he's on KMOV.

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