KTVI and KPLR: Best at Exploiting Natural Disaster

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Those tornadoes that ripped through Missouri on New Year's Eve sure caused a lot of heartbreak for those who lost their homes and loved ones to the storm.

But who cares about that. What's really important is what the devastation did for KTVI and KPLR's television ratings! Let's just say that the stations swept up viewers better than a category F-5 cyclone. Don't believe us? Check out the following infographic just sent our way...

storm fox 2.jpg

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Mike N.
Mike N.

I can't believe people are still turning to KSDK (that would be your channel 5.) Their news has been rapidly circling the drain for the past year or two. The morning news is particularly threadbare, whereas KTVI (that would be your channel 2) still has actual reporters in the field, a traffic copter, Tim Ezell in a dress, etc.


The 7,000 households watching KDNL were transfixed by a triple-header of Judge Mathis.

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