This Has Nothing to Do With August Busch IV

While digging through the RFT toy chest last week, we stumbled on the most amazing thing: a vintage edition of a game called Bad Beer Baron: Bachelor Edition.

The game pits a bevy of attractive women against each other in pursuit of a wealthy beer magnate. But, it warns, "many, many beautiful women have tried to play this game -- and ended up dead."

Now, you might find yourself thinking of August Busch IV, the ousted CEO of Anheuser-Busch, who found himself in the news yet again a few weeks ago after his girlfriend was found dead in his Huntleigh mansion.

But don't go there. This has nothing to do with August Busch IV. Nothing, we tell you!

Sure, the game focuses on an eligible bachelor whose girlfriends have a habit of making their way to an early grave. And, yeah, you could certainly say that's true of Busch. (Prior to Martin, who was found dead in the bedroom, Busch faced a criminal inquiry over the death of Tucson bartender Michele Frederick. Her dead body was found thrown from Busch's wrecked Corvette after a night of drinking. Although police found Busch half-naked and bloody at his townhouse, he pleaded amnesia, and charges were never filed.)

There are other violent incidents in the Busch family saga, too. There was Uncle Billy Busch, who bit the ear off a man in a bar brawl. There was Uncle Peter Busch, who killed a friend by tossing a shotgun onto the bed just a wee bit too forcefully. None of the Busches have ever served a day in jail for any of these incidents.

But none of that has anything to do with the game we unearthed! As the directions for Bad Beer Baron make clear,

This game is a work of pure fiction. Any resemblance to real people, events, actual beer barons or real dead girls is only a matter of coincidence.
Did you hear that, y'all? This has nothing do with August Busch IV!

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I think, if you tried really REALLY hard, you could have been just a bit more pathetic.



August Busch and his employee found the body at 12;30 PMThey don't call 911 until 1:12 PM. in the afternoon.When 911 ask if she is breathing? The reply was "WE DON'T KNOW IT'S DARK.".This is the 2nd time he has been involved in less than favorable circumstancy'sCheck out Arizona 1982 0r 1983 Woman dead as well. Left the scene of an accident.Walked away scot-free.


This story is absolutely repulsive. Everyone knows the only beer barons in St. Louis are from the Busch family and the only “single” beer baron in St. Louis is August Busch IV, It’s not like we have any other beer barons in St. Louis and you are after all a St Louis paper. To entertain at the expense of people who have died is even more disgusting.

I personally find this in extremely poor taste and would I think the families of Adrienne Martin as well as Michelle Fredrickson would especially be very appalled by this story in jest that everyone knows is pointed at August Busch IV. I would have thought that the Riverfront Times had a little more wherewithal than to stoop to the likes of the National Enquirer when attempting to display some journalistic value. It is very sad what happened to Michelle Frederickson but on numerous occasions, college aged students have driven while under the influence and unfortunately something tragic happened. The only difference is they never talk about it or compare it to something else you did 20 years later or something your uncles did 40 years later unless you are famous or wealthy.

The poorest example August Busch IV demonstrates is that of a playboy when he is exclusively dating the same woman for a year, he makes her the happiest she has ever been in her life while she looks upon him as the love of her life. Doesn’t sound like the distinctiveness of a playboy to me?

The autopsy results are still out on Adrienne Martin, although most are eager to assume it’s very strange and mysterious that she passed at only 27 years old. Many have died of natural causes at an untimely age but are not affiliated with someone so famous and wealthy that we hear about it all over the news, therefore we cannot have the same kind of fun starting a lynch mob in the blogs and press against someone who is so far guilty of merely being born extremely wealthy.

Brittney Murphy had an untimely death at a young age; pneumonia was listed as the primary cause, yet everyone blamed her deeply saddened husband due to an apparent offset of wealth between them. It’s interesting how someone’s wealth can skew; spin and weave from these uncommon situations.

It’s ironic that no one has written a story or even commented on how devastating this must be for a human being who dated a woman for a year and woke up to her dead body less than a week before Christmas; Do you think maybe he had to look at a wrapped present under a tree somewhere that he was anxious to give her? Do you think about how he could have been looking forward to some New Years plans they possibly made together? For that matter he might have even had been planning something for Valentine’s Day which is another day he can look forward to enduring sorrowfully. Does anyone wonder how difficult it was for him to personally deliver the news to her family and especially her little boy that he developed a relationship with? Has anyone considered how distraught he must feel going into his own home and seeing where she was discovered and having to relive that moment each and every time? It’s sad to see how so many people’s envy can unjustly turn into hate for someone.

George Turner, a man who owned several fitness clubs in St. Louis, during that same time had a 5 year old son that suffered a heart attack on a football field. Fortunately it was not fatal. A personal friend who was a well known neurosurgeon in St. Louis was often called in to do emergency surgery on many teenagers that had aneurisms; some did not get medical attention they needed to survive in time.

Just last week, a well known city official in St. Louis had a daughter who was ironically also 27 that died in her car on the way to meeting her husband for an afternoon lunch. She had no history of drugs and had just run a marathon the week before. She was found slumped in her car in a parking lot, the engine running and her foot resting on the pedal. No one blamed her husband or anyone else. It was discovered that she died of a heart attack; there was no foul play and just to resolve what is certainly the most important thing on everyone’s mind… she never dated the “beer baron” August Busch IV.

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