Ronald Partee: Bought Himself a Porsche on Money Embezzled from Goodwill

ronald partee.JPG
Ronald Partee: Knows how to party -- at the expense of others.
A former vice president with the MERS/Goodwill Industries of Missouri pleaded guilty yesterday to charges that he embezzled more than $1 million from the St. Louis-based charity.

Ronald Partee, 45, worked in the agency's accounting department where he wrote checks to various bogus businesses and accounts to which he was the sole benefactor. The embezzlement began in January 2007 and continued on until last July when he was fired from the charity.

According to court documents, Partee used the embezzled money to purchase a 2002 Porsche 911 for $60,000. When fellow employees questioned how a person with a $35,000 job could afford such luxuries, Partee told colleagues that he dabbled in real estate.

Partee also defrauded Goodwill by getting the charity to reimburse him for law school at Saint Louis University and Washington University. Only Partee never attended either school. Instead, he sent Goodwill fraudulent paperwork indicating he was enrolled at the schools. He even hosted a party at Goodwill to celebrate his fake graduation from law school.

Partee is to be sentenced in April and could get twenty years in prison and be fined $500,000. 

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Wow, I caught this guy stealing as an employee at Rent-A-Center back in the early 90's.  Guess he didn't get enough.  Mers hire, me I could have saved you 100's of thousand.  I did for Rent-A-Center. 


This "charity" spent over $11,000 on seafood at their holiday party in 2009. We were wondering what they spent in 2010.

Is it true they closed the Cahokia store. Must of needed money for that beautiful Columbia store.


It is ignorant comments like this one that piss me off! This evil man stole from all of us and all you can do is comment on some damn shrimp! Whoever you are, you are are an ass!


Why is the guy evil, seems like most american greedy and a thief.


Insurance reimbursed so how was he taking from you? There are a couple of current employees that are taking from the disabled adults that are supposed to be gaining work ethics and knowledge. Instead they are humiliated, overworked, used, disrespected and work for people that don't have a clue how to communicate with persons with all types of disabilities. There are a handful of able bodied employees that actually care and know their job.

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