Sledding Conditions on Art Hill: KICKASS!!!

Photo by Nicholas Phillips
Mark Aaron, Julie Wheat, and Ryan Freeman rockin' the snow day.
The campfire is a-cracklin' on the top of Art Hill right now, and according to the three lone sledders during the morning rush hour, the snow is fine, powdery and dry. That means:

Snowboards and boogie boards: FLYING! (Daily RFT was offered a test ride, and, holy shit). (Daily RFT was also offered a swig of Grand Marnier, but had to decline at 8:33 am).

Plastic shells/toboggans: FAST!

Innertubes: SOMEWHAT SLOW. Although, the snow is getting kind of melty and the main sledding tracks well worn, meaning that tubes will start picking up speed as the morning progresses. 

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Woohoo from hot and steamy (and partially underwater) Australia. (And yes, one of the persons in the pic has Australian friends).

To the author: 8.33 AM in STL is 10:33 PM in Sydney, hence it's a perfect time for a swig Grand Marnier.


95% of the people who sled on Art Hill are douche-bags. Don't worry, I'm sure you're in the other 5%.

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