Comment of the Day: Rams Equipment Manager Bigger Failure Than Spagnuolo? Really?

Categories: Blowback
Today's comment comes from our interview with Todd Hewitt, who was fired last week by Rams head coach Steve Spagnuolo after 26 years as the team's equipment manager.

Spagnuolo and the team did not provide an explanation for Hewitt's dismissal. The former equipment manager tell Daily RFT that Spagnuolo (whose 7-9 team squandered several victory opportunities late in the game this season) once critiqued the way Hewitt distributed socks to the players.

That prompted reader "Jealousblues" to write:
"socks not handed out in correct manner > offense shutting down in second half of games"

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Joe Maas
Joe Maas

Spagnolo is a paranoid jerk and a person (not a man) with no moral compass. Todd Hewitt is a class act and will land on his feet. The Rams will never be Super Bowl contenders under Spagnolo, and I have bought my last Rams ticket.

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