Unofficial List of St. Louis Businesses That Still Allow Smoking

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​OK, St. Louis puffers, you asked for it, you got it: the unofficial list of city bars that have applied for an exemption from the smoking ban, to date.

A quick word of caution: this is not a list of places that have officially been declared exempt, but rather a list of bars whose owners believe they should be. In other words, the managers of these joints will continue letting patrons light up until they're told not to by the city's health department. The list also includes tobacco stores and hotels.

Last word: We still suggest you call these places before rolling up with cigs in tow. Some of the owners may have decided to go smoke-free on their own since applying for exemption.

Happy drags ...

34 Club
A-Z Laclede Market
Al's Café
Alan Blest Amvets Post #6
Alwaha Restaurant and Hookah Lounge
Amvets Post 88
Aqua Bar
Area IV Station
Babe's Tavern
Barney's Sports Pub
BBC Asian Café
Beale on Broadway
Behrmanns Tavern
Beulah's Red Velvet Lounge
Black Derby Saloon
Blue Swan Cocktail Lounge
Bommars' Sports Bar
Brennan's Inc.
Broadway Martini
Bussone's Wine & Spirits
C & W Fried Grill Co
Café Milan
Caffe Palermo
Cat's Meow
Central Café & Hooka Bar
Cherry Lounge
Claudias Pub
Clementine, Inc.
Club Big Moe's
Club Elite
Club Europe
Club Paladora
Club Vision
Colorado Bobs
Cotillion Lounge
Cotters Lounge
Crack Fox
Crossbones on Broadway
CW's Lounge
D's Place
Daddy's Money
DB's Sports Bar
Doc Haus
Double D's Den
East Coast Lounge
Ferguson's Pub
Frank's 1st Alarm
Friendly's Sports
Game On Bar & Grill LLC
Gian Carlo Alimentari
Golliday's Bar & Grill
Gorgeous Gents S.C.
Grey Fox LLC
H2: Horshoe House & Hookhah House
Hair of the Dog
Hard Times
Hollywood Restaurant
Hummel's Pub
Hurns Lounge
Iowa Buffet
J & A's Bar & Grill
J D's Corner
James C Stocker Bldg Corp
Jimmy Mack's
JJ's Clubhouse
Jody T's
Just John
Keetons Double Play
Korners LLC
Kulage's Tavern
LaRocca's Bar
LaRose Room
Libby's Place
Loading Zone LLC
Luckett's Lounge
Lucky Duck
Luna Lounge
Magic Eyes Inc.
Malles LLC
Mandina Sports Bar
Marsha's Bar & Grill
Medineh Temple#39 Greenedier Club
Melrose Club
Mike Talayna's Juke Box Diner
Mikey Moes Bar & Grill
Milano Café
Milo's Bocce Garden
Missouri Bar & Grill
Molly's Bar
Nadines Gin Joint
Nara Café & Hookah Lounge
Nellie Glenn's Saloon
New Attitudes
Nick's Bar & Grill
Nick's Pub
One Nite Stand
Palomino Lounge
Par Lounge
Parodi's Grill & Beverage
Pepper's Bar
Peter Gunn Lounge
Petra Café
Platinum Market
Pooh's Corner Bar & Grill
Pop's Blue Moon
Premium Lounge
Ray's Coffee Shop Inc
Red Bone's Den
Red's 8th Inning
Rockhouse Tavern
Rosie's Place
Sammi's Place
Scott's Tavern
Shot Heaven
Skala Coffee Bar
Slo Tom's Lounge
Sophie's Place
Soulard Bastille
Southtown Pub & Grill
Stan's Bar
Stari Most LLC
Starz Sports Bar
Super's Bungalow
Taft Street Restaurant & Bar
The Avenue
The Bull Tadpole
The Famous Bar
The Filling Station
The Foundry
The Jump Off Lounge
The Lava Club
The Little Bar
The Office Bar
The Other Place Lounge
The Pageant Nightclub--Halo Bar
The Patch Tavern
The Pour House
The Rendezvous Room
The Shanti
The Sidebar
The Silver Ballroom Pinball Café
The Trophy Room
The Wicked Lady Pub
Tim's Chrome Bar & Lounge
Time Out Sports Bar & Grill
Time Out Sports Bar & Grill
Tin Cup
Tower Pub
Trueman's Place
Trueman's Place
Una Café & Bar
Upper Level Restaurant & Lounge
Valerie's Sit & Sip
Verlins Bar and Grill
Vivid Café
Waldorf Lounge
Windy City Lounge
Zodiac Lounge

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Why don't we BAN the old broads that have no life and their geek husbands or boyfriend's that also have no life and don't have the guts to open a business of their own, but are so jealous of people who have opened their own business, such as a bar, resturant/bar, or just a gathering place to express our freedoms.  Places of business have offered consessions, but those against smoking will offer no middle ground.  It's their way or they will do their damnest to shut you down.  I say to them GO TO HELL 

a girl from the block
a girl from the block

Thank you for showing me a list of all the places I WILL NOT be going to, because they are still allowing smoking. Gross.


Thanks for the list, but Southtown Pub & Grill is non-smoking (I visit there once a week). I compiled a city map based on resident knowledge/feedback.


Clearly, this ban does more harm than good. Larger businesses will lose costumers to smaller spaces that will now "cater" to smokers. Bar owners were worried about losing business to people who will go to East St. Louis to smoke (bull s***) but now their fears of losing business to exempt locations will play out. If you want an even playing field you enact a wholesale ban. No one smokes or everyone smokes.


There is no ban. This is not a ban. Period. Go to Chicago, or even Columbia, and you will see a smoking ban. This is St. Louis half-assing it as usual. the Ballpark Village of smoking bans.


Great, now I know which bars to avoid!

For the Lulz
For the Lulz

Talked with a bar owner since the smoking ban went into place. His business has gone up about 20% since they are one of those that allow smoking and they're loving it. So it begs the question... where are all the customers coming from and how are the other businesses handling the loss?

Bill Hannegan
Bill Hannegan

What about Ugly Fish in South St. Louis? I thought they would qualify.

Bill Hannegan
Bill Hannegan

Bill Burge, the 25 percent food sales requirement is not in the law, but rather is the Health Department's interpretation of the work "incidental". This could be readily challenged. I believe the Board of Aldermen intended to exempt any place under 2000 square feet that sells more alcohol than food.


Sandrinas is a baffling case - pride themselves on their nontraditional pub grub, but they only rake in 20% of their sales from food? Gimme a break. Also struck by Nick's - did they cut some of their kitchen like Riley's? I can't believe our city failed to do this wholesale.

Bill Burge
Bill Burge

I get that some of these places are applying for exemptions that they'll never actually get because of the loophole that says you can continue to allow smoking while your case is pending but is the law:

1. Can smoke if you're sub 2000sq ft of public space under any circumstance including 20% or more in food sales?or2. Can't smoke if your food sales are 20% under any circumstance?

I'm looking at you Sandrina's...

Matt Wallach
Matt Wallach

Did it just now register to you that you didn't have to go to smoker-friendly bars? Isn't that what the argument was the whole time: "If you don't like smoky bars -- don't go to them!"


a girl from the block
a girl from the block

No, I'm sorry, but here you are wrong. And to accompany you on your error is almost a decades worth of data that shows when a county, city or state goes smoke-free, revenues go up. Also, East St. Louis is smoke-free, because it is in Illinois, which has a state-wide ban. I agree, however, with your statement that a wholesale ban needs to be enacted, but until then (and even before) it NEVER was "no one smokes or everyone smokes," because only 25% of St. Louis' population smokes. And besides, in 2015, ALL St. Louis City and County go smoke-free, NO EXEMPTIONS.

Bill Hannegan
Bill Hannegan

For the Lulz, what bar is that?

I wonder how long nonexempt bars are going to go along with keeping the ban.

Frank Grimes
Frank Grimes

At least that half-assing is respectful of the fact not everyone wants sterile, boring smoke-free bars. Not to mention, that's led to SO MANY bars and clubs closing their doors for good in Illinois, plus at least one casino laying off 30 workers as a result of the IL statewide ban(Harrah's Metropolis in Metropolis, IL).

Kudos to Saint Louis for not passing a total ban, though I wish they had passed a ban doing it on the basis of ANY business that doesn't employ or allow minors entry inside(and I agree that smoking bars should post clear disclosure on business entrances, and also on job applications and in interviews of a business' smoking policy), regardless of food sale % or square feet a bar may be at. Saint Charles County's council definitely got it right, by rejecting a county ban twice already, though I wish O'Fallon(through voter referendum) and Lake Saint Louis(aldermen vote) hadn't been so stupid in passing total bans.


Chris - you're an idiot.

Bill Hannegan
Bill Hannegan

Smoking bans in town like St. Louis cut bar employment.

No more parental BS
No more parental BS

Funny, but the bar (that allowed smoking) I went to on "off" nights was absolutely bustling. I talked to one of the bar tenders and he said that ever since the smoking ban happened, more and more people are going there instead of other places. He also said that smokers tend to not only spend more but that they tip more. So he's loving it and actually looking to hire more help. Once other bar owners start seeing their revenues go down this year, they'll come back around and take the fine... if they're fined.

For the Lulz
For the Lulz

Don't want to say as it might draw the "ire" of the nazi anti-smokers that don't bother to go there. I don't want them to start protesting and ruining yet another place with their idiocy.


That's because St. Louis is a shitty, shitty city that really only appeals to backwater inbreds like you, Bill.


The crybabies don't go out anyway. They sit home and complain about other people. Like the old couple in Monty Python's "The Meaning of Life". They're jealous of people that are flawed, addicted, and sociable. The majority is frequently wrong, i.e., women voting used to be illegal. Outlaw gas lawn mowers, they do WAY more environmental and health damage, and are noisy too.

Bill Hannegan
Bill Hannegan

Secondhand smoke was great for the people it kept away.

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