Woman To Be Sentenced for Not Stopping Husband-Daughter Incest Tryst

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Uh, don't look inside.
This just in, to make you feel horrible about people:

A woman in western Missouri is going to be sentenced today for knowing that her husband impregnated her daughter four times -- yes, FOUR times -- and did nothing about it.

Three of the four kids have died, by the way -- one baby was put in a cooler after it perished. Who are these people?

In Cass County Circuit Court on Friday, the matriarch (who failed to blow the whistle) pleaded guilty to hindering the prosecution of a felony and child endangerment.  In order to protect the daughter, neither woman is named in court records.

Nor is the husband/father. That upstanding gentleman was convicted in April of second-degree murder, abandonment of a corpse, incest, statutory rape and incest.

Happy Tuesday!

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Could be anywhere in Missour-ah. It's pretty much all the same.


"Who are these people?" .....have you been to Cass County??

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