4,858 Pigs Die in Blaze at Premium Standard Farms in Northern Missouri

This tragedy both sounds awful and probably smelled that way. Neighbors of Premium Standard Farms have complained for years about horrible odors wafting off their giant hog operation up in northern Missouri, but Daily RFT can't imagine what this was like.

According to The Kirksville Daily Express, 4,858 nursery pigs died in a fire that engulfed one of the barns at PSF. 

Four different fire departments -- those of Newton, Mercer County, Medicine Creek and Unionville -- came to fight the blaze.It's unclear what started the fire, a spokesperson told the paper.

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Eric Bienname
Eric Bienname

Meatcandy: really? you really can't protect the animals you eat from burning to death?You can't give them a life before they're "walking dead"?Wow. That is pretty bad. Do you feel the same way about all animals?


"...sounds awful and probably smelled that way." I'll be you it smelled more delicious than most would like to admit. Here's why. Most "hog lagoons" are either directly below the pens or feed from the pens to a seperate lagoon. If the pens in question used a seperate lagoon, the waste wouldn't have caught fire when the piggies ahem...cooked. If the lagoon was directly underneath, the methane (which by the way also carries the "horrible odor") would have flashed and burned almost immediately leaving no foul odor to be smelled. Again, nothing but the long slow aroma of bacon. Wish I coulda been there.

(FYI, these pigs were almost certainly destined for consumption anyway. If you have a problem with 4,858 "dead pigs walking" burning in a fire, please bother those that care and leave us meat eaters in peace)

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