Let's Talk About Sex ... Without Bristol Palin

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Without Palin, attendance was limp.
​Remember that Wash U sex panel that was supposed to feature Bristol Palin, until she bowed out in the face of protest?

Well, it turns out that the students who fought for her ouster weren't exactly gung-ho about the Palin-less panel, which addressed sexual health and ethics. According to an article in the university's student paper, the February 7 event drew a weak crowd -- as in more than half the room was empty. (Not exactly what the organizers meant by abstinence.)

Students apparently weren't too jazzed to listen to Palin's fill-ins, who weren't, shall we say, A-listers. The re-jiggered panel consisted of representatives from Student Health Services, Catholic Student Center, Planned Parenthood and Wash. U.'s med school.

"It is probably a lot smaller than the Palin event would have been," a student told the newspaper. "It's a bit disappointing actually. After getting her ousted, you should have the decency to come to the event."

Palin was originally invited to the panel to speak about abstinence, as a part of the university's "Sex Week." But the reality TV star, who commands about $20,000 per public appearance, drew such a protest among students she agreed to back out. Apparently, some folks weren't too keen on hearing an abstinence lecture by someone who just had a baby. With Levi Johnston.

But were the protesters who mobilized to remove from the panel Palin obliged to attend it? Or is it possible to be against Palin's presence on campus without necessarily being invested in Sex Week?

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Another example of second generation over inflated ego, not worth crossing Big Bend to see.Whats with this family? A real sore eye for those who enjoy the lifestyle of a hardy Alaskin.This family is in true disconect with the rest of society.


just because you dont think your school should spend 20K on a talk for something you dont believe in doesnt mean you should have to listen to the cheaper alternatives...


Why should they spend $20,000 to have her speak about abstinence when it's apparent it's a do what I say and not what I do type of thing. She gets herself pg at age 16 and now is trying to get the baby's daddy to give up his name. She wants to change his name to "Palin". She has asked Levi to sign papers giving up rights and he won't have to ay child support any more. Well, I hope he tells her to take a walk. The kid is better off with the name Johnston than Palin. After the way sarah has dragged that name through the mud, why saddle the poor kid with that name. And wouldn't it be sad for the little boy to grow up thinking his daddy didn't care enough about hm to pay child support? What a cold hearted bunch, the Palin women. A witch just like her blabber mouthed mother.

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