Do KU Jayhawks Outclass Mizzou -- Literally?

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Is there a sequel here?
On Monday night we learned that Missouri is no match for Kansas on the basketball court after the Jayhawks blew out the visiting Tigers by a score of 103 to 86.

On Tuesday we learned via the Wall Street Journal that maybe KU also outshines Mizzou in the classroom. That's because the school employs an army of senior citizens to ensure its basketball players attend class. The geezers hang out outside the classroom door, monitoring whether the players arrive to class on time and ensuring that they stay for the entire lecture. Monitors are even known to peek inside the windows of the classroom to see whether the student athletes are actually paying attention.

"They're sneaky sometimes -- they'll get you," KU freshman guard Royce Woolridge tells WSJ.

Unlike other schools that employ undergraduates to check in on whether or not student athletes attend classes, KU switched to senior citizens eight years ago after finding that student spies could easily be influenced and bribed by basketball players.

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Ford is right, every a Mizzou football player got arrested for hitting women and driving drunk they were very respectful to the officers.


Since Mizzou has the highest academic progress rate of any public school in the BCS, the answer to your headline's question is a resounding no. BTW, class would indicate that a player, KU's Mario Little, with four counts of misdeameanor battery along with charges of criminal damage and trespassing would not be playing D1 basketball.

For reference, Ricky Clemons had two counts of battery.

Slick Mittens
Slick Mittens

Nice grammar, Muck. Courtesy of a KU education, no doubt. Real convincing in an article about classroom performance.


What about all the meth you guys cook up on campus?


ku really struggling in recruiting now that the ncaa shut the pump and run pipeline down. hey, at least they let selby's cheating ass play.

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