Florissant Woman Gives Birth in Bathroom; Didn't Know She Was Pregnant

Jane Calvin went to the bathroom this week and out plopped a five-pound, 12-ounce baby girl. The new mother tells Fox 2 she didn't know she was pregnant because she stopped having menstrual cycles a year ago and early menopause runs in her family.

Still, one wonders: How could she possibly not know she's pregnant?
P.S. John Pertzborn's face at the end of the clip is just classic.
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She didnt know she was pregnant because she was so obese gaining a lot of weight is normal for her. I just cant believe she didnt feel the baby kicking & moving inside her? The baby DID move & kick, what did she think that was... indigestion?? What a stupid woman, I feel sorry for the baby now.


What the bloody heck? She didn't notice the weight gain, couldn't feel the baby moving?

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