Kenneth Tomlinson: Police Captain and Scoutmaster Turned Child Molester Gets Life

Kenneth Tomlinson, aka "Big Dog" to the kids.
A year after he was charged with "deviate sexual intercourse" with Boy Scouts under his care, a former police captain and scoutmaster in Fredericktown was sentenced last week to three consecutive life terms plus plus 22 years.

Kenneth Tomlinson pleaded guilty to 22 counts of sexual abuse of minors last November. Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster personally handled the prosecution on behalf of the state.

While there is no way to give back what was lost to the victims and their family members, I hope they find some comfort in the fact that justice has been served," said Koster Friday in a statement.

The Southeast Missourian reports that the abuse was revealed when a relative found a sexually explicit text message from "Big Dog" on the phone of one of the boys. Tomlinson, 43, stands six-foot-two and weighs north of 350 pounds.

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I seriously cannot imagine that this guy can even perform sexually. Sorry if this sounds gross, but it's true: I saw a guy at the gym a month ago, built just like the good scoutmaster. He didn't have enough penis to penetrate anything. I wonder if the good scoutmaster was an oral performer?.......just sayin'


This sentence is beyond excessive, and is disproportionate to the range of crimes Missouri law punishes. If molesters automatically get life, what incentive do they have to limit the extent and violence of their abuse?

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