Nurses: Be Thankful You Haven't Run Into THIS Guy

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The nurse in question reportedly looks worse than this one.
Emotions often run high at hospitals, but 19-year-old Mack E. Hudson, Jr. of North St. Louis County sounds like a real loose cannon.

When Hudson was told by a nurse at Christian Hospital in Hazelwood that he couldn't go in and see a family member, he allegedly punched her in the face several times and tried to choke her, according to the Post-Dispatch.

When the 38-year-old nurse fell down, the fists kept flying.

It took one of the nurse's colleagues and no fewer than FOUR security guards to mollify the guy until police came.

He's been charged with second-degree assault of emergency personnel.  

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Florence N
Florence N

First of all, I question the accuracy of this report. Why? Because neither Christian Northeast nor Northwest are located in Hazelwood. Northeast is very close but "close" doesn't cut it.

Secondly, if the rest of the report is true I agree with RN55's comment. Usually, hospitals don't want nurses to fill charges against patient's or their family members. When I was working as a nurse in a hospital (NOT in North County) a fellow nurse was seriously assulted and was told not to press any charges. That's a bunch of crap.


Nurses are abused by people every day. The remarkable thing is that the hospital agreed to press charges. Usually, a nurse's well-being is secondary to a perceived bad public relations situation.

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