Saint Louis Science Center Banks on Boogers, Burps, Barf

grossology 2.JPG
Grossology: As seen on TV.
Okay, so this isn't exactly breaking news. The "Grossology" exhibit at the Saint Louis Science Center has been up since mid-October and was extended in January to run through March.

Still, it was news to me when I saw the following commercial air this weekend during Saturday Night Live.

At first I thought perhaps I was witnessing one of SNL's fake ads. Turns out I wasn't...

Here are some other features of Grossology, as advertised on the science center's website:
  • Visit the Vomit Center and learn the many reasons humans vomit
  • Stop by the Toot Toot exhibit to create different sounds that replicate the physics of gas
  • Find out what causes runny noses, sneezes and allergies with Nigel Nose-it-All
  • Crawl and slide through a 3-D model of the digestive system

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Kristy Wendt
Kristy Wendt

One of the things I'd like to see Washington University accomplish is a long-overdue strengthening of ties between WU's Medical School and Danforth campus and the St. Louis Science Museum. There's a great deal of unrealized potential for relevant, state-of-the-art exhibits, but the required relationships simply aren't there. It helps that the NSF and the NIH are promoting grants that are more inclusive of the general public, but realizing the grants requires knowledgeable "connecting point" staff members seperate from primary investigators, who are busy with research. And because grants are increasingly clinical oriented, there are even less "connecting point" staff. But it can and should be done.

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