Shannon McGinn: Fresh-Faced Alderman Candidate, Discusses Her Campaign With RFT

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John H. Tucker
​A few years ago during the Marble Stage Theatre Company's run of "Fiddler on the Roof," the role of Golde was given to Shannon McGinn, a local social-services worker who did community plays on the side. The role depicts a fiercely loyal mother, unafraid to raise her voice to empower her struggling clan. Golde can take the heat. Hell, she wants the heat.

When the curtain closed on the run, McGinn shed Golde's costume but not her personality. The Marine Villa resident, who insiders believe is a leading candidate to unseat an incumbent alderman during the spring elections, fashions herself as the champion of the little guy and advocate for the tired, poor huddled masses of her 20th ward.

Yeah, she's a defender the homeless and destitute, you got a problem with that? You gonna question this daughter of an Irish carpenter, who left college early to enter the workforce -- who started her own business by turning a dumpster room into a coffee shop and once survived her own two-week stint in a shelter with two babies in tow? You gonna question Golde?

Last week, McGinn sat down with Daily RFT at an old corner tavern in her ward, where folks nurse midday beers amid cigarette haze and the flicker of Christmas lights that were never bothered to be taken down. These are McGinn's people, she'll tell you -- but their voices aren't being heard.

"This ward is deep," she says. "And it goes through Section 8 housing with people struggling to get by, and those people are not being reached out to. And someone needs to speak out to them."

Her implication is that the current alderman, Craig Schmid, who's held his post for 16 years, isn't tapping into the needs of all his constituents in the 20th ward, one of most ethnically diverse, with a thriving Mexican community. It's anchored by Cherokee and Chippewa streets, and bounded by Dutchtown, Marine Villa, Gravois Park and Benton Park West.

"If I go to door and say to somebody, 'Do you know who your elected representative is?,' most don't know," says McGinn. "That's for somebody who's been on the job for 16 years. They don't know who to call if they have a problem. They don't know where to even get started if they have a slumlord. That's easy information to disseminate, but it hasn't been done."

It's a bold battle cry, especially considering that Schmid, a full-time alderman, is still popular among many longtime ward residents for his willingness to roll up his sleeves and work alongside them. It's not uncommon to see Schmid picking up garbage after dark, tending to community gardens or cruising the blocks with volunteers. He might not have knocked on every door in the ward, as McGinn claims to have done, but he's an active member of several community groups, who consider him a devoted public servant. For his efforts, he was named RFT's Alderman of the Year in 2000.

But the political landscape has shifted since 2007, and the 20th ward has opened its doors to new faces. Twenty-something hipsters have staked a claim on Cherokee Street, an Asian community has flourished and developers, some of whom don't appreciate Schmid's strict regulations on liquor licenses, are eyeing several properties. Some say there's a need for change.

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McGinn has substantial backing from the police and firefighters' unions.

What will she do on:

Local control of police?

Civilian oversight of the police department? (Schmid supports this.)

Pension reform?

Firefighters' residency requirements?


Shannon would indeed bring a sorely-needed influx of verve and spunk to the political representation of the 20th ward, which has, after all, been written up in countless media outlets, including the New York Times. Still, please remember that Craig Schmidt has accrued substantial seniority and committee membership at Cit Hall in his 16years. Shannon, even tho her qualifications and clear enthusiasm are inspiring, would find have great expectations to fill.

Douglas Duckworth
Douglas Duckworth

Asian community? Dont you mean the Latinos who were there before the hipsters arrived?


What does he think that re-districting has to do with alderman? It should remain democratic.


Is there any reason for that barbed statement? You don't even live here anymore. Why are you trying to pretend there is some sort of conflict or competition between any of these groups?

Who actually has a "we were here first, screw those interloping newbies" attitude? Apparently people who left Saint Louis for Canada.

Cherokee and the 20th Ward welcomes everyone. Noone who's working to make this place better is unwelcome. Noone who's supporting these neighborhoods is unwanted. Noone should be trashed unless they're doing some sort of real harm.


He mentioned the Latino community, many of whom don't actually live in the ward and aren't yet able to vote anyway. There is a fairly large, predominantly Vietnamese community in the ward as well, and more of them are naturalized citizens. The 20th ward is far more than just Cherokee Street, and only the western end of the street is even in the ward.

Douglas Duckworth
Douglas Duckworth

Maybe so but I don't think Craig kicked out a Vietnamese bus from the Ward.

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